Main features

We developing features based on client requests

Responsive design

Our app has a responsive design and can be used easily on PC's, tablets and mobile phones

Schedule gym classes

Scheduling classes or private training's will not be a problem any more

User portal

Your members will have access to view their memberships, check-ins or to enroll into gym classes

Member notifications

Your members will be notified via Sms/Email when they will make an payment, update payment or when the membership expire

All features to keep up the good work in your gym

Technical support

We will help you to setup your account and answer to all your question about the app. Also we can schedule a live demo of Gym Management App.

Unlimited number of members

Gym Management App allows you to add unlimited number of members.

EMAIL and SMS notifications

Your members will be notified via email/sms when they are making a payment, when a payment is updated or when the membership expire.

User access levels

As an admin, you can set different permission levels for your users or trainers.

User check-ins

Even if your gym team will have the possibility make their own check-ins.

Quick Check-in for members

With RFID card reader you can make quick check-ins

Unlimited number of products

You can add unlimited type of products and categories

Members import

Importing your clients from other apps is not longer a problem. You can import all your members from CSV files.

Class, personal training or meetings Schedule

All your classes, personal trainings or meetings can be scheduled easily.

POS(Point of sale)

You can sell products to your members through our app.

Invoices and receipts

Generating invoices and receipt will no be longer a problem. You can generate manually or automatically invoices for your clients when a new payment is made.

Change logs

All changes made in Gym Management App will be tracked in logs.

Daily report on email

A daily report will be sent to your email address with the main statistics information's.


A various report types can be generated in Pdf or Csv format.

Members email promotions

Email marketing or any other information will keep your members closer to you.

On-demand functionalities

We are open to implement new features what help clients to grow and maintain their business.

User portal

Your members can have their own portal to check their memberships, check-ins, measurements, or to participate to your gym classes.

Upcoming features

Embedded schedulers into client website

The schdulers with classes will be available to your members directly in your gym website

Membership payments online

Your members will have the possibility to pay the membership online

Mobile apps

Mobile apps for gym owners and members

Lead sign-up page

Your leads will have the chance to create an account and make membership payments

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